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2424 E. Coral St
Philadelphia, PA, 19125


Modern metal jewelry designed and made by hand in Philadelphia, Pa.



get in the game

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XL Daria Hoop
from 92.00

The sweet, everyday ear cuff turned up. The polished finish and ample size balances grace with a streak for adventure.

Material: sterling silver or 14k gold-filled, sterling silver posts & nuts

Hammered Hoop
from 42.00

The Hammered Hoop is a slim, lightweight, easy add to any hoop woman's repertoire. The hammered texture finished to a high polish glistens like a moving river kissed by the sun. 

Available in two sizes: 3” or 2” diameter

Material: bronze, sterling silver, or 14k gold-filled w/sterling silver posts & nuts

XL Orbit Earring
from 52.00

Version 2 of the Orbit Earring maintains its appeal to a light and care-free attitude and doubles down with a long, dramatic swing. Pull your hair back to amplify the XL look to its fullest.


Material: 14k gold-filled or sterling silver


the classics


‘cause we never go out of style

Python Hoops
from 86.00

The Python collection brings a sturdy hoop etched in our signature pattern. Earrings perfect for any ensemble from day to night.

Material: sterling silver or bronze, sterling silver posts & nuts

Skinny Notch Hoop
from 88.00

The Skinny Notch Hoops are a sleeker pair that all of you hoop stars are going to want these in your arsenal. Not an ounce lost in that heavy texture, though lightweight and ready for action.

Material: sterling silver or bronze, sterling silver posts & nuts

Warrior Hoops
from 98.00

Liven up an everyday look with heavy texture. Choose an oxidized finish to soften the hammer marks and add a subtle edge from the darkened depressions, or a high-polished finish for ultimate light reflections.

Material: sterling silver or bronze w/sterling silver posts & nuts