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Modern metal jewelry designed and made by hand in Philadelphia, Pa.

Introduction to Jewelry in Metals


Day 1

Materials and tools:

  • Hammers (ball peen, riveting, non-marring mallets)

  • Saw frame

  • Files and sanding tools

  • Pliers (round-nosed, flat-nosed)

  • Drill press

  • Flex shaft

  • Hand hole punch & circle punch

  • Dapping block

  • Steel block

  • Mandrels

  • Stamp set

  • Oxidizing solution

  • Etching mordant

  • 3x3” 20g bronze sheet

  • 16-12g bronze round wire


  • Practice drilling holes

  • Practice using saw frame: cut out shapes using stencils or free-form

  • Cut shape/s to be used for final pendant

  • Explore hammer texturing with ball peen & riveting hammer and/or adding stamp texture/lettering

  • Final hour: share & discuss objects, explore books to inspire pattern for pendant, sketch

Homework: Continue gathering inspiration (ie photos, objects, Pinterest board). Begin designing your pendant with notes/sketches utilizing skills learned in class. Discuss and solidify plan-of-action next week.

Day 2

Chain making

  • Bar links (hammering and manual drilling, plier forming)

  • Jump ring links

  • Hook & Eye clasp or toggle clasp



  • Practice cutting jump rings & bar links with 16-12 gauge bronze round wire

  • Map & sketch chain layout: length of bars, total length of chain, determine gauge & size of jump rings and quantity needed

  • Mapping and piercing pendant design out of sheet metal

  • Apply pattern for etching: draw pattern with resist marker and seal backs

Day 3



  • Set pendant in etching bath (approx. 2 hrs)

  • Continue making chain components/cold joining links and clasp

  • Clean etched sheet & finish sand

Day 4

Finishing techniques

  • Hammer texture

  • Satin/Brushed finish

  • Oxidizing


  • Final necklace production

  • Apply finish

  • Complete necklace!