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Modern metal jewelry designed and made by hand in Philadelphia, Pa.


"Rock Personas" by Emily Kane

Forge & Finish

What art offers is space-a certain breathing room for the spirit.
— John Updike

Our very own Emily Kane hones her artistry in many forms beyond designing jewelry for Forge & Finish. A family history of artists and innovators instilled in her a boundless imagination from a very young age. Emily naturally took to art and excelled finishing her college career with a BFA Cum Laude in Painting and Sculpture from Temple University's Tyler School of Art. 

The "Rock Personas" collection is one that follows a course of seldom limelight for Emily. It's one that encompasses the artists' innate curiosity and study of human connection and understanding. Structured by a month-long timeline, Emily's process developed from an interactive study with a list of thirty friends and family influences. One-by-one each subject underwent a cathartic, self-reflective interview of "either-or" questions referring to physical and emotional traits. Emily dwelled on her notes, and what inspired was a colorful series of portraitures personified in rock formation. Revealed for the first time, one year later at the opening, were the names attached to each portrait-a liberation from the artists' personal collection.

It is with great pleasure that Emily shared these pages from her body of work-creating a room filled with her effervescent spirit!