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Modern metal jewelry designed and made by hand in Philadelphia, Pa.


Ripple Collection Campaign

Forge & Finish


All living beings require water to survive. There is no way around this fact. Plain and simple, we all need to make it our responsibility to remain active in protecting fresh water systems in order to ensure a healthy future. The Clean Water Action organization prioritizes this element, stays up-to-date and continues fighting our current administration's attempts to reverse water protection laws that provide safe water for our consumption.


Forge & Finish is sharing the responsibility of protecting our nation's clean water laws by teaming up with the reputable organization Clean Water Action. Since 1972, they have made it their mission to educate and bring awareness to the public of what we can do as individuals to ensure clean water accessibility for generations to come. We admire the immense tenacity with which their team continues to build a clean water and clean energy future through outreach, organizing, advocacy and policy action at local, state and national levels. To show our gratitude, Forge & Finish presents a new jewelry line--the Ripple Collection--and pledges to donate 10% of its proceeds to the great people behind Clean Water Action. Its wavy, luminous texture designed to symbolize the movement of water combines metals and varies in shape and finishes. The collection serves as a daily reminder for its wearer of the effort put toward the continual education and preservation of our most precious life source. We encourage those who wear the Ripple Collection to share the powerful purpose carried within its beauty. For every bit of our history and future relies on a story told, so let this essential one echo far and wide and as often as you can. With this collection, Forge & Finish strives to live with a clean conscience by doing our part to help sustain our fresh water systems by promoting awareness and contribution through our brand. Thank you for helping us make clean water a priority!



Shout outs

Photographer: Lindsey Wernli | Art Director: Pia Panaligan of The Humanitas Movement | Stylist: Sara Spicer | Beauty: Kat Sterrett | Model: Kaila Rae | Clothing: Wol Hide, Group Hug Collective | Shoes: Bus Stop Boutique