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2424 E. Coral St
Philadelphia, PA, 19125


Modern metal jewelry designed and made by hand in Philadelphia, Pa.



Forge & Finish


Forge + Finish and Happy Land Handmade collaborated in creating a small batch of earrings combining sterling silver and porcelain.

Juntos means together. While we are beautifully individual, a higher plane was achieved by acting with juntos in mind. For this collection, the joining of contrasting elements and our creative minds represents the value in forming bridges with our ideas.

The Juntos Collection was manifested with a desire to shine light on the current state of our nation. With so much division and strife concerning the Dreamers and immigrant status of numerous detained peoples, we were inspired to demonstrate solidarity through our work. We remember with honor that Americans originated as immigrants from all over the world, which is what fortified the culturally boundless and progressive country we are today. With this series we celebrate beauty created from diversity.

All earrings in this collection are one of a kind works designed to provide a fashion statement of hope, while subtly broadcasting the spirit of JUNTOS.


Juntos is a community-led, Latinx immigrant organization in South Philadelphia fighting for our human rights as workers, parents, youth, and immigrants...Juntos combines leadership development, community organizing, and focused collaborations with other community-based and advocacy organizations to build the power of our community members so they may be active agents of change and work against their own oppression.