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Modern metal jewelry designed and made by hand in Philadelphia, Pa.



Forge & Finish


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MEN'ET COLLECTION– The lioness; a modern metamorphosis of ancient symbolism.

{STRUCTURE}: Men’et is a mix of DELICATE yet BOLD pieces that can be LAYERED, stacked or worn independently. Clean curving lines, sharp edges, faceted stones, delicate connections and popping color are the attributes of this collection.

{SYMBOLISM}: Topaz is said to align with the moon’s phases- harnessing its healing properties to the fullest when the moon is most visible. Topaz brings to the mind wisdom, balance, and clarity. Tourmaline is believed to guard against danger and misfortune with a positive influence on friendship and love. Men’et is an Egyptian feline deity whose depiction often appears with the head of a lioness. The fierce feline goddess Men’et empowers healing, compassion, and strength. She is written in history as the wife of Horus (the Falcon-headed God), who is the son of Hathor (Goddess of Love). Coincidentally, Hathor wore and signified a necklace called Menet to denote life, potency, fertility, birth, and renewal. Similar necklaces were offered between other Egyptian kings and queens as tokens of the highest honor. It is also said that Hathor may have used the necklace as a medium to transmit her powers. The Men'et Collection pulls from Egyptian culture because of their progressive philosophy that women are equal to men whether born into royalty or peasantry. With this collection Forge & Finish intends for the wearer to meditate on these properties and reflect on the rich culture that is adornment of the body.