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2424 E. Coral St
Philadelphia, PA, 19125


Modern metal jewelry designed and made by hand in Philadelphia, Pa.


"for battles of love a field of feathers." -luis de gongora

Forge & Finish

Forge & Finish had not one but two awesome first dates in one weekend. Why choose when there is enough to go around, no? Catch up with the juicy details...

Saturday we set up shop at NINObrand Atelier (sigh). Owner and designer Bela Shehu (double-sigh) is a diamond in the rough from what is often referred to as the cut-throat fashion industry. Instead, she exudes warmth making you feel at home in her exclusive lifestyle world of swoon-worthy clothing. She offers an androgynous line of evolved apparel. The cuts and shapes emanate a powerful sight with a touch of grace. Shoppers paired their NINO purchases with a pop of Forge & Finish adornment, while we spent the day playing dress-up and feigning runway walks, exchanging insights, taking selfies, and sipping hot toddies. It was the perfect refuge from the bitter winter air.

Dig Yoga Studio's Winter Pop-up that Sunday completed our weekend amidst a force field of creative people. In short, we went home with a lot of crushes <3