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2424 E. Coral St
Philadelphia, PA, 19125


Modern metal jewelry designed and made by hand in Philadelphia, Pa.



Forge & Finish

While shops around the city come and go, MOON & ARROW has captured our hearts. This go-to gift shop has exquisitely curated with a sentimental eye year after year, all year round, but especially so during the holiday season. Always welcomed with warm faces and instantly immersed in sweet, piney scents, you will make your way around the home brewed lotions and potions. Your other senses pulling toward an interestingly shaped grain pattern in a wooden (fill in the blank with an object that you all of a sudden need/why didn't you think of that thing-a-ma-bob). Of course, make sure to pay a visit to the fresh jewelry swag section from yours truly. They are stocked and ready for picking with the aforementioned plus much more. Last but not least, we highly recommend scouring the vintage goodie racks. Check out these lust-worthy pieces from our latest visit... 

MARA HOFFMAN sequins and silk gown is absolutely stunning.

Cozy bomber sweater detailed with hand-embroidered eskimos and polar bears. 


The back store RARE CO. VINTAGE, which funnels right from Moon & Arrow's space, recently opened their doors for business. We were completely swept up and enamored by the collection of true vintage treasures. Look up to the ceiling and down to the floors so not to miss a thing. The space is thoughtfully arranged with home furnishings massive to miniature, classic signs, unique lighting fixtures, art from different corners of the world beckoning to grace your walls. Each piece is in near perfect condition, so no rehabbing required. Rare Co. Vintage is a collector's dream shop, where the inventory turns at fair prices making room for more exceptionally curated finds.

Surely, we have all felt those home stretch jitters of the holiday season. The clock is winding down, and we are eager to check those last names off the list. Relax and follow our lead. This Friday Moon & Arrow is hosting a Winter Solstice party. Enjoy a cozy evening with friends surrounded by the warmth and gorgeous things that Moon & Arrow has to offer. See you there <3