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2424 E. Coral St
Philadelphia, PA, 19125


Modern metal jewelry designed and made by hand in Philadelphia, Pa.


website launch reception

Forge & Finish

last night's open studio was an overwhelming whirlwind of old and new friends. the studio buzzed in excitement, the sounds of chatter and laughter. the behind-the-scenes video, filmed and edited by raymo ventura, featuring our summer collection photo shoot with photographer claire abribat projected onto a wide white wall to set the stage for our celebration. spanish classical guitar played by ian mayer welcomed our guests as they made their way through the workspace section of the studio and into the gallery room to peruse glass shelved jewelry cases. opposite the display cases, a freshly painted mural served as a backdrop for a photo booth. slide through some fun pictures below...

the night began as a simple gathering commending our small company's growth and ended with a firm sense of what it meant to embark upon becoming a positive presence in the local community. putting ourselves out into the community during craft shows, events and offering our jewelry in local stores raised awareness of our brand and work, but inviting the community into our beloved incubator invoked a deeper, inner connection to our supporters that felt boundless. we wanted to hear about you- what moves you, where you have been and what you have seen, and what lead you to our doorstep. the stories, the conversations, the smiles and hugs, the catching-up, the puppies-oooh!!! the puppies, the music, and more than can be expressed in words culminated into an unforgettable evening. thank you to all from the very bottom of our hearts <3 forge & finish <3