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Modern metal jewelry designed and made by hand in Philadelphia, Pa.


Dance Workshop


Dance Workshop


Join an improvisational movement workshop lead by Lily Kane at The Iron Works Factory. All are welcome to sign up and learn more about Lily's choreography process behind Grocery Dance. Its 4th installment will be hosted by Riverwards Produce Market in Philadelphia, Pa on September 7, 2018 from 1-4p; the day before the workshop.

Grocery Dance is a durational, site-specific, installation dance piece that premiered at Lucky’s Market in Columbus, Ohio on April 14th, 2017.

Grocery Dance is a public art project that will be performed in grocery stores and supermarkets all over the country, in different demographic locations. 

Grocery Dance is a performance as well as a food drive. A bin is always located at market's exit, encouraging shoppers to donate some groceries to those who can't afford food. After the performance, the grocery dancers deliver the donations to local soup kitchens. 

And the performance is TOTALLY FREE!

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The Iron Works Factory | 118 Fontain Street 3rd Floor | Philadelphia, Pa 19122

Learn more about Lily Kane.