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Modern metal jewelry designed and made by hand in Philadelphia, Pa.


Confluence Closing Reception


confluence show card front.jpg

The Confluence collection graced Forge & Finish Gallery walls for a memorable opening night. The gallery was brimming with fellow artists and art enthusiasts. Huge thanks to Candace Jensen on her curatorial debut. She presented a seamless palette of works alongside her colleagues, Sophie Brenneman and J. Hartz, each graduates from the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts. 

Sophie Brenneman  |  J Hartz  |  Candace Jensen

If you missed out, enjoy a recap courtesy of photographer Adrian Cubillas. Please join us for the closing reception and artists talk on Friday, October 20 from 6-9p.



Kimberly Frey's steadfast career with art education continually repaves the road of an artist on the way to mastering her craft. Listen as the creator of ceramic objects and wearables brand Happy Land Handmade explains the manifestation of one her latest designs featured here. 

In one of her recent quests, Kimberly assisted a colleague, Roberto Lugo, in leading a workshop on Mishima. The ancient Japanese technique involves creating layers beneath a carved surface, much like another technique originated in Italy called Sgraffito, where a surface layer is incised to reveal a secondary layer's contrasting color. The resulting pattern from both techniques inspired a cross-medium interpretation, which originally struck the artist through a textile swatch's colorful palette that looked pleasantly "random, chaotic, or like fireworks." Materialized through one of her latest ceramic forms, comes a set of sublime dark gray plates dashed with strokes of red, blue, white, purple, and yellow carved into the surface.

Happy Land Handmade offers collections in functional ceramic vessels and jewelry. Visit her website for updates and more information here.



Portraits by Brae Howard

Portraits by Brae Howard

Brae Howard recently spent a summer day with us immortalizing our latest collaboration with Bus Stop Boutique (see previous blog post/shop collection here). Crushing the wedding scene and capturing profound portraits are Brae's main squeezes, but more and more Brae has been compelled to broaden her lens to exploring new subjects and sharing their stories on her blog. She features local businesses that offer something to her existing clientele, while delving deeper into the personal lives of the people who run them. In essence, building bridges between people and their baker, DJ, florist, ring maker, etcetera, making new relationships feel more familiar. 

We got our chance to interview with Brae, and the pictures- so so good!



huge thanks to the whole crew for making this day fabulous!


Element X




Martha Lou Harris


Dominique Negrón


Raymo Ventura


Danielle Charleston | Mely Duong | Abby McFerran

A Waltz through Last Week's Gallery Show


Photos by: Zoli!

An abundance of love to the artists who showcased their beautiful work and made our space come alive:

Emily Cobb | Erica Bello | Kimberly Frey | Lisette Fee | Lucia Pearl | Maria Eife | Maritza Liebetreu | Maureen Duffy | Michelle Judge

Special thanks to our live entertainment and DJs for keeping it wild:

Little Strike | Ian Mayer | Fo Sho & Tell | DJ Frosty | AJ from Philly

Our deepest gratitude to all who attended. Our hearts are full! We look forward to seeing you again. Keep an eye out for the next show. XOXOs



We're feeling a strong need to shake things up. We've been incubating this winter, and we have a new space ready for eyes. Decked out as a proper gallery, we open up for a Pin Show. Included are several talents excelling at their craft. Indulge your senses with art works, music, and refreshments. We hope to see you there!

A Day in the life of Stephan Schacher


Recently we asked one of the world's most sought after photographer's to let us turn the lens on him. As we adorned him in some of our newest collections and strolled through the streets of the Lower East Side he was like a shaman leading us on a vision quest. It was meandering through the streets of Ny that we were able to get a glimpse into what inspires him. He was in his natural habitat. 

It's his city

It's his city

...and you're his subject

...and you're his subject




To take a closer look at Stephan's work, visit his site at: Stephan Schacher

To take a closer look at Stephan's work, visit his site at:

Stephan Schacher